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Birdee Bow



CEO. Entrepreneur, Talent Manager, Coach, Artist, Musician, Model


Birdee Bow creates her own unique and inspired path.

With her Texas roots and gift for melodic hooks, her self-made indie-pop music brought her and her rock band across numerous National U.S. tours in the mid-2000s.

As a multi-talented musician with a quick-witted style, she labels her musical memoirs as “modern words for those who still hold the vintage hope of true love”

Recording & writing for Nashville’s Entertainment One, her recorded single “Dancing” with Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child elevated awareness of Lupus internationally. This success gained Birdee recognition with many notable Nashville publishers.

Her compositions attracted the attention and expertise of several multi-platinum producers including Ron Saint Germain, Warren Huart, Dave Darling, Antoine Arvizu, & many others.

Birdee’s original music has been heard on CBS, NBC, MTB, and BRAVO TV. They have also been in many commercial spots for Jeep, Ski Net, and Warren Miller films.

Through her company BSquaredMGMT, Birdee inspires and coaches blossoming creatives to reach beyond their boundaries and achieve great heights in their art and passion.

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